Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still on task

I'm still on target with my P&O (purge and organize). Nothing as dramatic as last week. Fortunately there are no more rooms in this house that need that much attention. But when I get to the garage . . .

This week I concentrated on drawers in the furniture and the two bookshelves in the main living space. The guest bathroom, the hall closet, the hall bath and the laundry room. Sounds like a lot when I write it out but they all went rather quickly. Lots of empty space now exsists.

My new collection of Empty Space

This was FULL of plastic shopping bags that are now recycled
I use reusable bags these days

I purged a few books out of these shelves
That's a HARD thing for a book-lover to do



the pleasures of homemaking said...

You've done such a fabulous job! Books are hard for me too! I don' mind donating them to the library because 99% of the time they'll actually put them on the shelves and I know I can check them out.


Evie said...

You are so motivated. Wanna come to my house???