Sunday, February 1, 2009

Please, please, please

So often we go about our own harried life and then something out of the ordinary happens that sends us a jolt.

That is what happened to the wise and witty woman who writes "I've Paid For This Twice Already . . ." Her healthy 58 year old father did not wake up one morning. She flew to her mother's home and discovered that her loving father had been so organized that it only took a few hours before they had a handle on all of the family's financials.

She has written a check list of things that we ALL should have in place at all times -- no matter how healthy we are. Our family may never need it but what a blessing to all if they do. Please, please, please pop over and read by clicking here Her List

It made me realize that should anything happen to the Cottage Master I would have to search a long time before, if ever, I found the key to the safety deposit box. I'm going to ask him to show me where it is RIGHT NOW.


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Melissa said...


What a very wise post and you are so correct. We all need to be prepared for everything.

I have to tell you. Your comment that you left me made me laugh out loud. You are right, God does have a sense of humor.

Thank you for your comforting message to me.

Love Melissa