Monday, February 23, 2009

Rambling . . .

I’m participating in a class entitled “Living Free”. The purpose of the class is to uncover stumbling blocks in life that hold us back from becoming all that God intended when He created each of us. Fear, anger, hurts, and habits such as passivity and procrastination all keep us from living life to its fullest. When we are aware of these potholes we can fill them in with a healing patch. And in the future we can spot the rough roads when they appear again and not be knocked off our path. I’ve always been a reflective person and quick to forgive. I’ve done a great deal of work in these areas over the years so there are not any big surprises, no big bumps in the road that knock me to the ground.

However, this weekend something happened that pointed out to me that even after I’ve confronted the issue, worked on healing and have put the past to rest it still attempts to stir the pot of pain. Well, there it is again. It still can make me sad. It no longer has the ability to bring my life to a halt. It no longer brings the small child out who wants to scream and throw things and demand that it stop.

But, it still has the power to cause me to reflect and wish things were different. And that’s okay. This world we live in is not perfect, nor is there perfect justice, thank goodness for that because I’m guilty of failing, too. I’m wishing everyone in my life a wonderful week ahead.

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Kim said...

What is hard is the fact that we must always be on the look out for our "potholes." We all have them, some are better at covering over them but they are still there. Just when we think we've completely patched them and can forget about them the patch tends to break apart to trip us up.