Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brows and Nails

Why don’t my finger nails grow as fast as my brow hair?

I’ll pluck out all of the offending eyebrow hair and then two days later I’ll catch a glimpse of a forest growing in the exact same place. It’s exasperating.

It's a nice look on a dog, though

Why is this woman smiling?
It ain't fun

On the other hand, or rather, at the end of my hands are my nails. They grow as slowly as a glacier moves down the valley of a mountain. They are paper thin and break under very little stress.

I have always envied women with long nails. I love to see them painted pretty pinks and reds.

Even a man can have nicer fingernails than I can!

These may be too long but look at that luscious color

I like the stickers that are available

Toes are a completely different subject -- maybe for another day.


1 comment:

Melissa said...


You are always entertaining to read.

I can identify with having very short nails. Always have and always will.