Thursday, February 12, 2009


Nothing makes me feel more inept and Charlie Brown-ish than do those self-checkout scanners!
The last time I was grocery shopping I tried to checkout myself and to my surprise it went quite well.
So today, full of confidence, I did it again. Over and over the woman's voice told me to put the item in the bag even though I had done so. Twice I had to have the employee clear the computer because it wouldn't scan any more items -- it was convinced that I was trying to steal something from the store.

As my frustration grew I began to put the items in the bag with a little more force than necessary just to make my point with the computer. After the third time of slamming an item into the bag two pennies dropped into the coin return.

If I hadn't been in a public place I would have sat right down and laughed. I've heard of a penny for your thoughts -- but I guess with inflation the computer was willing to give me two pennies for my thoughts.

I was willing to give the computer my unabridged opinion for free!

According to NCR, a business that sells these scanning machines to retailers, customers like them. Their ad states . . .

Attract customers and keep them coming back.

Research shows that consumers are more likely to do repeat business with a retailer that provides self-checkout technology.
The NCR SelfServ Checkout reduces checkout wait times up to 40%, greatly enhancing the shopping experience.
Features a user-friendly interface that intelligently guides the consumer through the checkout process with animated demonstrations.
Makes checking out fast, efficient and fun.

Not for me.

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