Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am completely ignorant about dinnerware makers. Crystal and silver makers as well. I recall a friend bragging to me how her husband just returned from a business trip in Europe and bought her some Waterford crystal while he was there. She might as well have been talking about Wkeosicjnme as far as I was concern. I know how I must have disappointed her by not reacting with enough enthusiasm. Growing up poor has left gaps in my refinements.

So, when I find pieces that stir my emotions I'm happy to go on the Internet and fill in the blanks.

I found this great plate sitting all by itself on the shelf of the Goodwill store.

I searched for Nancy Green on the Internet and discovered how exciting her work is. A set of 4 of these plates are $60. Also, I noticed that on my computer the center of the plate appears to be blue but in real life it is turquoise.

I'm hoping to stumble onto more of her work in the future but until I do I'm really loving this piece. I think it is just begging to hold some chewy chocolate cookies from a recipe that I got years ago from my DD.

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ellemenope said...

ooooo - I love that, it's so pretty and colorful! I was thinking of something quite different from that when you were describing it. I would have picked it up myself I think, good for you! :)

.... cookies sound good about now too!