Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolutions vs Goals

It’s spooky to me when I discover that so many people are thinking about the same things as I am. As I sailed through many of my favorite blogs this past weekend I discovered that the New Year Banner was Organize and Clear the Clutter.

Melissa at The Inspired Room has given herself monthly goals this year instead of resolutions. These are so much more realistic than -- I’m going to eat less and move more resolutions that I usually set for myself and quickly fail.

And check out the Instead ofs at Repurposed. For example: Instead of collecting clutter -- declutter. I'm ready to start collecting empty space!

For the month of January I’m going to dig out and organize what I call the hidden clutter. The many drawers and closets and boxes of stuff that I don’t even know I have. As I was helping DD two months ago organize her kitchen drawers I was nagged by the knowledge that my own kitchen drawers needed the same attention. So it is the kitchen where I’ll begin.

Pantry before

Photo a little blurry because I'm so appalled by the mess

I have a terrible time finding what I want on the second and bottom shelves

Pantry After

It may not look much better to you but I can find things easier now

Drawer with too many things of too many categories


When I finished with the above drawer there was no room for the plastic wrap, foil and wax paper

So I cut down a Cherrio's box, covered it with pretty paper and ...

Secured it to this basket drawer. Perfect fit.

I have two more drawers that hold mis-matched clutter. I'll tackle them after I've regained my strength.


Melissa said...

I admire your gumption.

I'm fine, how are you?

We are getting that snow, but nothing like the Spokane, Washington area. Have you heard about how much snow they are getting. Causes me to shiver just thinking about it.


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Thanks for the link and for sharing your goals!

Happy Organizing!


Suzy said...

Organizing is always on my lists, it seams that this part is hardest for me.

To a beautiful organized 2009.