Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baby basket and baby bubbles

My friend, SA, and I just had to drop by the Friday Good Junk place again. Here are some of the goodies we found.

And then we got to babysit our 4 month old grandson. I won't bore you with all 124 pictures that I took of him.



Anonymous said...

oh baby, oh baby, so sweet. What a beautiful grandson, RG

Anonymous said...

p.s., I finally figured out how to make my comments, I am the anonymous "oh baby"...for the rest of you I am that anonymous person that RG calls me SA, I am the one that goes to the Fun Junk Store with her. I love her blog, and I am her good friend. We have so many plans for when she retires next month....I just need to find things to share with all of you....I love all of your comments to RG....more from me later...SA!!!!

Evie said...

What a cute baby!!!

Llyn M said...

but but but..what did you BUY! All of it? LOL!

Melissa said...

Great finds. Especially your grandbaby. Cute!