Monday, August 18, 2008

Coffee Spill Rorschach Test

From the parking garage to the door of the building where I work there is a long concrete ramp where my sloppy co-workers leave their mark by spilling their coffee cups as they slug their way to work.

The first one to catch my eye was this chicken.

And then this sweet little mouse.

Does anyone see a fish?

A Sting Ray?

You tell me, what do you see?

An imagination is a terrible thing to waste.



Melissa said...


I can see the same things you saw.

Imagination is a great thing.


Liz said...

Hmmm... I think I saw a peacock in there somewhere. :) This was fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, dear Rita, are you ready for retirement or what!! I laughed so much over these coffee I worked in the same building, I wonder, did anyone see you taking pictures of these coffe spills?? hmmm...very funny, I loved them! You are ready to go out girl!! Your Friend, SA

Kim said...

I would tell you what I thought the bottom ones looked like but I'm afraid I'd be locked up. Ok, the first one looked like a gator coming out of the water and he is trying to munch on a boat with a mouse in it. See I told you I was sick! Or maybe I'm just ready for school to start next week.

ellemenope said...

I'm with SA, my first thought was, "I wonder what people were thinking as they watched you taking pictures of the ground?" ;)

Lani ~ The Wooden Porch said...

Are they HUNG OVER? or still drunk?

Tricia said...

I love that you take pictures of coffee spills :)