Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Secret to losing weight . . .

Last April I put my name at the end of a long list of requesters in our public library system for the book The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight & Eating Great. I picked up the book last Friday and sat down to be enlightened and enthused about eating great and losing weight.
Just a side note: Our caterer friend, KP, had the privilege of assisting the author, Pam Anderson, the day she came to our town and did a cooking demonstration. She prepared Asian Chicken Noodle Soup which can be found on page 137, Wine Biscuits, page 176 and Double Chocolate Pudding, page 289. KP says that Pam Anderson was quite nice and fun to work with.

Ms Anderson begins the book with the telling of her story of weight gain and her decision to make a change. I could identify with her when she described eating so little during the day and then coming home famished only to overeat indiscriminately. A while back I was wondering why I could stay so overweight when I only usually ate once a day. If I had been honest with myself I would have admitted that the one meal lasted from the time I got home to the time I went to bed. Yikes!

She began eating consistently throughout the day along with frequent walk/runs and she began to lose weight. My journey shared her results with the same weight loss when I started eating preplanned six times a day so I know what she is saying is true. It takes a lot of time in the kitchen – not my favorite place to be – to make all these preplan choices. Eventually I lost the motivation to pack my bag with breakfast, lunch and two snacks everyday and the result of that has been a regain of half the weight that I lost. Duh
Ms Anderson has included lots of quick-to-fix recipes. She has ideas on having pizza for breakfast. Gotta love that.

Most of her recipes are listed as serving for one or two. Recipes that would be good for dinner are for serving four. To my surprise she says that her 12 inch thin crust pizza was to be five servings. I know how to cut a pizza into 4 slices and how to cut one into 6 slices but I would need a protractor and a computer to figure out how to cut one into 5 slices.
None of the recipes are complicated. There are lots of good ideas in this book and I’m glad I took the time to read it.

Oh, and the secret to losing weight? Eat less and move more. The same thing everybody has been saying for years.


Liz said...

My mother in law went to a weight loss seminar and one of the audience members asked a question (to the doctor on the panel), "How often should we excercise?"

The doctor replied, "Anyday you eat..."

The audience waited for him to finish the sentence with something like "cake, or soft drinks" and then they all started laughing. He mean just that "Anyday you eat." Period.

This diet stuff stinks.

Melissa said...


Sounds like a great book.

Have a great weekend.