Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Invasion of the Munchkins

I want to set your minds at ease. I took the coffee spill photos on a Saturday when no one would question my mental health status.

Quirky Cottage has been invaded by some Munchkins from Alaska. They and their father (our son) will be with us for the next ten days. Mom stayed home for her vacation. She said good-bye to her family with mixed feelings. I know she'll miss them but she deserves a rest, too. Her youngsters are so well behaved. She is doing a wonderful job of teaching good manners.

We found some old hot wheels that their daddy played with in the 80's along with some farm animals and army men. We went to a city park and to the library to load up on books.

Here are some photos to reassure mom that her kids are having fun.

There were three red squirrels playing at the base of this tree.

This was the first time I saw the kids motionless all day

Their mom is a photographer so the kids are used to the clicking of the shutter and they just can't take it seriously any moreMrs.RGS


Evie said...

Oh my goodness... I didn't realize how big the kids were already! How time flies! I have never seen three squirrels playing like those squirrels. You are lucky to have captured it on camera! =0)

Melissa said...


I have an award for you at Sunbonnet Cottage.


Liz said...

How fun for you! And what a nice rest for thier mother, I'm sure she's enjoying it.

And I LIKED the coffee spill pictures. :)

Kim said...

It is so wonderful that you enjoy your time with the grandkids. It is sadly something missing in our son's life. Neither set of grandparents are very involved in spending time with him. My parents even forgot to send a birthday gift to him this year. But, we are very fortunate to have older friends that take an interest in him.