Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day Three with Munchkins

It was a beautiful day today, Friday, and we had a fun time at the zoo. I'm pooped out tonight and will process the pix tomorrow -- just got Munchkins to bed -- I can still hear them play. Their dad has gone to visit old friends and grandpa and nana are headed to bed soon!!!! Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Munchkins were eager to help with any work that might need doing, including changing the water in the pond. Here they are, Sweet Pea controling the plugging and unplugging of the power and Pumpkin ready to handle the sucking of the pond water.

Here is there task -- first suck out all of the dirty water.
Pumpkin makes an editorial comment about the smell of pond scum

Sweet Pea has been enjoying the same Lite Brite that was a favorite of her aunt's 30 years ago. I was surprised that the light bulb still worked.

Later in the day Sweet Pea and I went off to do some girl shopping. Of course we stopped at the thrift shop first. I found a jelly roll pan, and she picked out a bag of spiders for herself and a bag of snakes for her brother. As we were rounding a corner she spied a horse and told me she would like to go back to look at the horse.

Oh my, she had seen this larger-than-her stuffed horse. At first she just asked to hold it to see how soft it was and when I asked her if she wanted to take it home her brown eyes got so big I thought they would pop out of her head. She was willing to put back her bag of spiders if she could have the horse, but of course I said she could have them both.

She named him Cosmo. She has thanked me once for every dollar he cost -- 15 times. She and Cosmo are tucked into bed together as I write this.

This evening after Sweet Pea had a bubble bath and Pumpkin took a shower they topped off their tanks with corn dogs and some more of their blueberry pie that they made yesterday from the berries they picked with dad and grandpa.



Evie said...

I love that horsie... we are always looking for stuff like that for Hayli - especially giraffes! No luck so far though. Persistence!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rita, I love the pictures of your grandchildren! What fun they are!! I love that horse too!!! They are so big since I last saw pictures of them a long time ago...I am glad you are having fun. You always think of such neat things for them to do! And how about that LiteBrite!!!!!! Sherrie

Kim said...

You sound like such a wonderful nana! Such fun.
I remember playing with a Lite Brite. I love all those old fashin toys. We got my son Lincoln Logs and an erector set when he was younger. Great toys that get the inventor juices going.

Melissa said...


Thank you so much for your ideas. I loved them all.

I had a light bright when I was young. How I loved playing with that toy. Ahhh! For the good old days.

Nick and I are starting to plan out trip to Carmel. So, you will be able to see all of our pictures. We will go in October. I am so excited. We have never been there, so it will be new and adventurous for us.

Happy Sunday!


Suzanne said...

It's so wonderful when kids want to help without giving you any attitude! I remember those days, but unfortunately they are LONG gone around here! LOL! Sweet Pea looks like she's in little girl heaven with Cosmo.