Friday, September 5, 2008

Actress Minnie Driver, a dead seal and the Cottage Master

Here is a photo of the Cottage Master. I love his boyish grin, the one that slides over his face when he has hidden from me the glass of milk I just poured. He thinks that’s a riot. After 39 years the joke is wearing thin for me but I still love that sly smile that comes over his face as he watches me wonder where I put it and then realize that I have been the focus of his joke.

He is a reasonably handsome man of medium height. But here is my problem -- for some reason, strange women will come up to him and start a conversation. It has happened so often that I should be used to it by now but it still has me baffled. I am often just a few feet away and see the exchange from the beginning to the end and know that it is all very innocent.

Example: While watching our grandkids play in the surf, he was standing up wind from this dead seal on the beach and a woman, who looked very much like Minnie Driver, stopped to look at the carcass then walked up to the Cottage Master and asked him what he knew about the seal. Does he look like a Marine Biologist?
I was sitting a few feet away, rats, my camera was many feet away from me right then or I would have taken a photo of her. She talked to him for several minutes, asking questions. He, sadly, could not enlighten her on the demise of this sea creature but that did not deter her from asking more questions.

Later I asked him about his conversation with the Minnie Driver look-alike and that sly smile crept over his face as he reassured me that if I had been closer to her I would have seen that she was a wee bit older than Ms Driver.


Evie said...

You are too funny! I think it is a Shaefer trait. My dad has the same problem... only rarely does he stand idly by like the photo you have of Uncle Ray here. Normally, he is that stranger who just walks up to anyone to ask questions or to simply have a pleasant conversation. It is really beyond my comprehension! I am not nearly as outgoing!

ellemenope said...

Hey Evie, I can TOTALLY see your dad doing that - he's a great deal more extroverted than my dad. I personally like the little tuft of hair sticking out from his ball cap though. hehehe

Funny, I had a couple come see me yesterday in my office with the same dynamic I grew up watching and I had to laugh and tell them of the refrain heard so commonly echo our halls while growing up:

"No one's laughing but you, Ray!"


Melissa said...


You are a great writer. I love reading your posts.

Sad about the seal though. Poor thing!

You husband is a lucky man to have such a creative lady as yourself.


Melissa said...


You have lots of interesting things to write about. I love your posts. They are very interesting.

I have days like that too, where I have nothing to write about.

Some days are just like that.

I say keep up the good work. You really are good at it.


Kim said...

I'm glad you are still having fun outings with the grandkids.
I seem to have the same problem as your husband with strangers coming up and beginning conversations. I have walked old gentlemen to the correct aisle in the grocery store and even watched strangers babies in stores.
Of course none of my new friends looked like movie stars.