Saturday, September 20, 2008

Changes at Quirky Cottage are never easy and I should look before I leap

I’ve promised the Cottage Master that when I’m retired I’ll cook more often. I’ve been unhappy with the oven that came with Quirky Cottage and decided that a large toaster oven would serve me better. I found a lovely one at Costco earlier this month and after using it several times I can say that it was a good decision.

The microwave that came with QC is old and the door doesn’t shut tightly anymore and I often wonder if a part of my body is cooking along with my popcorn. It wasn’t a built-in model but one that sat on a drop-down shelf. It seemed like a good solution to purchase a microwave/range hood combo and use the shelf area for the new toaster oven.

I was thrilled when I discovered that a decent microwave/range hood could be purchased for under $200. The appliance store gave me the name of the man who did their installations for them and when I spoke to him he pointed out that before he could install it I would have to have a dedicated electric wire pull from the electrical panel into the area I wanted the microwave.

The Cottage Master rolled his eyes at the news saying that was going to cost $$$. He was right. Five hundred dollars later I called the installer again to make an appointment. When he looked at the job he announced that we needed the cabinet moved, too.

I thought we’d just remove it completely but the important detail I was missing is that the microwave needed to HANG from a cabinet and that the cabinet needed to be a certain height above the stove. And to get it to that height the sheet rock that was covering the existing vent needed cutting back, etc., etc. But, fortunately, he had a cousin that is a cabinet maker who might do the job for us. Two hundred dollars later we called the installer again.

This time he was able to begin the job of installing the inexpensive microwave.

Total cost of this not so quick, not so cheap change was over $1,000. I’m going to have to do a lot of cooking to make this project worthwhile.


Bridget said...

Wow! I guess I'm incredibly lucky to be married to an electrician who was able to do all of that for me when we installed our microwave over the stove. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Well, RG!!! I didn't even notice that today, and you never said a word!!! What to do with you! Yes, I would say you will need to do some cooking now...As we talked today, we will get going on organizing coupon and sale shopping for groceries and food menus !

Only 5 more working days left for you and then retirement!!

Any good advise for Rita and I on how to grocery shop/coupons and make great meals for our guys/families with the best values and prices, I would greatly appreciate? We are beginners....

I know, I need to get my blog going..... I have so enjoyed many other blogs through Rita's ....

Sherrie, (SA)

Arlene said...

Oooh - I hope you share some yummy recipes on how to cook with a toaster oven! I'd love to downgrade & not turn my huge oven on as much, just to save energy!

Suzanne said...

It may not have been cheap, but it looks GREAT! I'm sure the Cottage Master will love all the cooking you will do now. ;)