Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thrift Store Finds

I went to the thrift store with the hope of finding an old red sheet that had been washed a few hundred times to use for the extra material I need to add to the vintage table cloth I’ll use to make the kitchen window topper. Along with a perfectly used red pillowcase that will work for that purpose, I found these goodies.

A lap blanket in lovely autumn colors that looks terrific on my favorite chair.

I’ve been looking for a botanical print to use in the garden room. When I found this Bettie Felder print, I decided that this would look just as good as the botanical I had in mind. The frame is quite ordinary but after a session with my paint box that can be remedied.

I wandered around up and down the aisles of the book section looking for the cookbook shelf when I saw the sign that informed me that the cookbooks were in the Self-Help section. That struck my quirky sense of humor as being appropriate in my case. I need all the help I can get in the kitchen.

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Llyn M said...

This is getting eerie.. are you sure you aren't my long lost twin?? Red kitchen AND I just found that very same COOKBOOK at a yard sale, and the picture is very similar to the one I just found and hung over my sofa!! ~insert Twilight Zone theme here~