Monday, September 15, 2008

Cottage Kitchen Update

The kitchen is shaping up. The cabinet pulls are painted red and back in place. On the upper cabinets I glued a thrift store spoon to them after painting both of them red.

I glued a magnet on the back of this small garage sale tray. It isn’t vintage but I liked the message and it was red.

The table cloth on top of the fridge is vintage.

I was thrilled to find the vintage red crocheted doily at the thrift store and put it on top of the toaster oven.



PC said...

That's a SWEET toaster oven! I see the pulls on the drawers are red too - very cool. :)

Llyn M said...

Oh I LOVE the spoons! What a cute idea!!

Liz said...

Red drawer pulls??? This is magazine worthy right here!

Kim said...

I love the spoon handles. You are so creative and I love the way the kitchen looks.