Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bath re-do

One of the many reasons I love working with Darling Daughter in decorating her home is that I get to work with colors and styles that I don't have in my own home.

Her style is completely different from mine. Young, upbeat and funky. I love it.

Last week we painted her half bath. It started out with a dark brown on the lower walls and a beige on the upper walls. We used Behr #100F-5 Gypsy Magic on the lower section and Behr # 100E-2 Mauve Mist on the upper section.

Please note the mirror over the sink in this BEFORE shot. It has no personality. No pizzazz.
The mirror in this room has been the topic of our conversations often since she moved into the house. We both wanted to do something with it to stop it from appearing to be floating against the wall. Several possibilities were discussed but last week we did something about it.

After a trip to the Dollar Store for a bag of tumbled green glass pieces and a bag of blue flat-bottomed marbles we glued them to the edge of the mirror. It finally had the presence and stability it needed.

We pulled items that she already had from other rooms in the house to finish the room. There are five main colors in that small half bath but they all work together so well.

I only wish that all of my projects turned out as well as this bath did.

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Anonymous said...

Once again, I am not really anonymous, I am Rita's friend, SA..I know, I need to set up a blog, so I no longer need to be A....

Yes, we did stumble upon those mushrooms or whatever you call them, and tumbled down a bit...after exploring them

Rita, I am amazed with the decor with your daughter's bathroom...and for dirt cheap...I must get you and E. over to my place for some of that wonderful redo beautiful works....can't wait for the rest of the things you two did