Sunday, November 2, 2008

Candy Night

I know that bicycle riding is healthy both for the body and for the environment. However, I am often frustrated by people sharing the same roadway -- me in my car and they on their bicycles.

They make quick jerky movements just as I am about to pass them which makes me think that I am going to make their aquaintance in an unpleasant manner for both of us. Therefore, when I saw this display I immediately bonded with the sentiment: they ride as is they are headless.
On Candy Night we were visited by our two local grandsons. K chose to dress as an important part of our civilized homes . . . And EJ came dressed as a monkey -- banana included.
EJ has been crawling for a few weeks now. He crawls away from you and then turns back to make sure you are watching.
We had fun answering the door and being amazed by the costumes. One youngster had glowing red eyes. I couldn't stop staring at him and wondering how that was possible. Lots of fun.


Kim said...

They are both so adorable! I hope you had extra special treats for them.
The bike rider reminds me of a modern day headless horseman.
So are you back home for awhile? Or are you enjoying retirement too much to stay put for long?

Melissa said...

Oh, they both are so cute.

I want to thank you for your sweet comments. I agree. I believe marriage is priceless and most definitely gets easier as time goes on.

Have a great week.