Sunday, November 30, 2008

Long Weekend

Thanksgiving is a time for families. We were able to enjoy our darling daughter and celebrate the return of our son-in-law from working overseas. She had Thanksgiving dinner at her house this year and she surprised me by using her Grandmother Hazel's china.

The next day we enjoyed spending time with our son and his family.

EJ wearing Gramp's hat and sucking on his car keys

Then we traveled south again to celebrate our friend's 50th birthday. It was a surprise party and boy was she surprised!

Here is one of the sweetest people we know and some of the other people who love her.

This sweetie would frown -- just for the experience of it. And then break out in a smile when we would laugh at her funny frowny face.Now to put away all of the orange and brown decor and put up the tree. I love the holidays! Mrs.RGS

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