Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Here are some more great items DD has in her home. She shops at local artist's markets for one-of-a-kind pieces. This mirror is a wonderful example.

This is a vintage piece of garden furniture that she has in her generous entryway.

I found a throw blanket at a thrift store and covered a piece of foam to make a cushion for the bench. Here I've just wrapped it around the foam. The next time I get back to her place for some more fun projects I'll sew a real cover for it.
When DD was a pre-teen she had a newspaper route and she babysat and did errands all the time with one goal in mind; to buy a horse. Then she continued to work in order to pay for all the food, vet bills and tack that goes along with horse owning.

She kept her first love throughout the years as she continued through her schooling by leasing him to other young girls who used him for 4H projects. When she finally settled into a home and property she was able to have him with her again.

After he became too ill to continue she was able to bury him along a lovely hillside. Later DD researched artists who specialized in painting animals to find one who she felt would do a good job of giving her a permanent reminder of her first horse. She commissioned an artist living in Australia who did a magnificent job of capturing the spirit as well as the likeness of DD's beloved animal.


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Bridget said...

I love the picture of the horse. My first horse was a gelding quarterhorse and you couldn't have asked for a better horse. I learned to ride on him and still miss him today.