Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Have or Not To Have ... That is the ?

Liz, over at Mabel’s House, and I are struggling with the same problem. The focus of the problem is different but the agony of emotions and the mental see-saw are the same.

She see cute kids and goes, ah, I wish I had one. But then publicly misbehaving children jerks her into the harsh light of seeing kids for what they are – needy little people.

We are pet-less. When I see people with their cute doggies and kitties my heart goes, ah, I wish I had one. But then I think about picking up poo, having pet hair all over the house and the scurry to find a pet sitter when we want to be away from the house overnight and it slows my desire.

We haven’t always been pet-less. Shortly after moving into our first home The Cottage Master purchased a West Highland White Terrier for me. I named her Gypsy. She was mine only in my mind. She loved the Cottage Master and the children but barely tolerated my presence. I loved her anyway. She lived with us for 12 years.

After a couple of years of being pet-less (the chickens that the Master raised don’t count as pets) the Master decided that there was room in his heart for another dog. In the early evening hours we chose a sweet little Border Collie looking pup from a litter being raised in someone’s back yard and given away for free.

She had such a sweet sleepy look in her eyes and we both fell in love with her immediately. The kids named her Pepper. Later I found that the sleepy look of her eyes was just her natural look which ended up driving me nuts. Stop looking at me with those sappy eyes I would tell her.

Each child ended up owning a cat as well. The nine of us were happy. The chickens, on the other hand, weren't, since they were raised to end up in our freezer.

Ginger the cat

Sylvester the cat

Whisper the cat
Named so because we all wished that he would!

As nature would have it, all three children grew up and left home. The cats and dog did not. We continued to purchase food for them, paid their vet bills and arrange for pet sitters any time we wanted to leave home for more than one day.

One by one their numbers diminished until it was again just the Cottage Master and me. We were happy not to clean up pet hair from our furniture any more. We could walk around the back yard without worrying about stepping into something. Our vacation budget increased since we didn’t need to include kennel fees at $15 to $20 per day that we were gone.

But now I’m feeling like my life’s enjoyment could be enhanced by having an indoor pet again.

Seeing the four legged friends of my neighbor’s is gnawing at me. I’d love a cat but knowing how the Cottage Master is not especially fond of cats I decided to appeal to his love of dogs.

How about getting a small indoor lap dog?


Let’s look at the pros and cons – he surprised me by being able to quickly come up with many very good reasons why we should remain pet-less right now.

Then, while running an errand with a friend to buy cat food at PetSmart, I wandered into the cat cage area. There was a precious white kitty who so wanted to be loved by a human. Oh, how I wanted to take her home with me. I petted her for a few minutes and then to my horror discovered a flea on my arm. Yikes, I am SO allergic to flea bites. I ran out of there and never looked back.

That cured me, at least temporarily, of my desire for a pet.

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Melissa said...


When the time is right, you and Cottage Master will find the right little snuggly baby.

There are so many out there that are desperately waiting for someone to love them and give them a forever home.

Pets add so much joy and love to our lives.

I wish you well on your journey with someday finding the right companion.