Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 2

When I went to bed last night it was calm and the sky was full of stars. Six hours later there were low clouds from horizon to horizon, the wind was blowing, it was cold and raining.

I enjoyed a nice complimentary continental breakfast of banana, raisin bagel and watery orange juice.

It stopped raining and barely sprinkled the rest of the day -- I was grateful. 

Yesterday, a few minutes after I had gotten onto the freeway from the airport an amazing odor assaulted my brain.  It was ten times worse than 'flu' poo.  I thought I was going to have to take this car back and ask for another one -- I couldn't drive around in that smell for the next 10 days. 

Then I realized -- I was in Chicago.  Everything everybody says about the stinky smell of that city is true.  I will never again complain about the aroma from the mushroom farm in Lacey.

I drove past a B&B yesterday named Snoop Sisters Inn.  The name alone made me want to stop there. Today I went to their website and learned that the house was built in 1858.  The reviews from those who had stayed there said that the hospitality couldn't be beat for their willingness to accommodate any needs to make your stay there the very best.

After examining a map very closely to get a feel for where I am and where I want to be, I found the Beckwith cemetery tucked off of a gravel road surrounded by farm land.  I found the stone that marks my great grandfather's final resting place.  However, the weather has not been kind to the engraving and it is no longer legible.

I walked up and down the gentle slopes taking photos of the stones that are still readable.  Sadly, many are not.

I could tell you that the wind was blowing but that statement just isn't strong enough to describe it.  The gusts had to be at least 40 miles an hour.  Small twigs and dried leaves would strike and sting my legs.  I had to go back to the car several times to warm up before I had gone through the older section of the cemetery.

It didn't surprise me when later I saw these in many of the farming fields.

The terrain is similar to eastern Oregon and Washington but just a little greener.  The locals tell me that the wind is a common occurrence.  I remember my daughter telling about the wind in Pullman, Washington.  This is similar.

The artwork on some of these old stones is so lovely.  Here are just a few that I thought were special.  You can double click on any photo to enlarge it.

For an old stone this is in remarkable condition.

This man live 100 years . . .

And right next to him was this . . .

Dear Madeline survived 14 days.

This was made to look like a stack of wood logs with a scroll draping out of it. Rather unique.

I went to the Floyd County Museum, but they don't allow photos to be taken of their displays.  Here in Charles City they brag of being the birthplace of the gasoline-run tractor.  It was developed 4 years too late for my g grandfather to enjoy.

I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow.  The National Weather Bureau has issued a storm warning from Texas to Minnesota.  It may be exciting here, but it definitely sounds dangerous further west.
This graphic provided Friday, April 13, 2012, by NOAA's Storm Prediction Center shows a high risk of severe weather in portions of Kansas and Oklahoma on Saturday, April 14. According to forecasters, there is a 60 percent chance of tornadoes, high wind and hail within 25 miles of a point in an area from Salina, Kan., to Oklahoma City. Also, in the area marked with dashed lines, there is a 10 percent or greater chance that storms within 25 miles of a point could be significant. That region stretches from near Omaha, Neb., to west of Dallas. (AP Photo/NOAA)

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Janie said...

I have been wondering how the weather is back there for you.A little concerned.
Sounds like you are having a good time. Enjoy going along with you!
Take care!