Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 6 -- Tuesday

I've discovered that Sadie, the nice GPS lady, does not know her left from her right.

She told me to turn left and when I did she went into a tailspin recalculating.  I had a few nasty things to say when I realized that I was traveling west instead of east like I wanted to.  I had to drive 26 miles before I could get turned around on I-80!

Two hours later she told me with great confidence to prepare to enter highway on the RIGHT when I could see that I-80 was definitely on my LEFT. 

I drove across Indiana and Ohio today.  This was my view pretty much the entire 300 miles.

I spent the time thinking how good Dixie Cups and Cremecicles taste.  (they're orange and white too)

After entering Pennsylvania I turned north and drove a lovely scenic two lane road along the Alleghney National Forest behind two logging trucks.

I called it a day when I arrived in Kane, PA.  I'm staying in a motel that was built in the 1950's, with walls paneled in the 1970's and redecorated again probably 10 years ago or so.  It's very clean and very reasonably priced.  Based on the motif my guess is that they do most of their business during hunting season.

Deer, highly influenced by Marie Barone.  The chairs have been covered with fabric and then encased in a heavy clear plastic.  There is a pan at the door for one to leave their muddy boots. Apparently this place could get pretty dirty with the right kind of guest.

And yes, that's pink and green tile in the bathroom behind that chair.  I know I sound like I'm making fun but I don't mean to.  This place is immaculate and in much better condition than the Days Inn I stayed at last night.


Anonymous said...

You're turning into a real 'ROAD WARRIOR'. When you were in the Mid-West I was going to call you to see if you had to out-run any tornadoes. Glad to see you're OK and still 'humming along'. I meant to ask you about the quilt material you purchased. Have you given any thought to scanning some of your photos to the material and including them in your quilt? Take care on those roads out there Sis. Love ya, Roy

Anonymous said...

Are you keeping track of the toll road expenses? I could have suggested a few by pass routes; using some good two-laners, while using a real map. You have to have a meal at one of Amish restaurants. Good stories and pics! Keep on truckin.' Paul