Friday, April 13, 2012

Day One

Our sweet kitty, Entertainment, hates for anything to be out of place or different in his environment.

This morning he spied the packed suitcase and decided that he was NOT going to calmly sit by and allow the inevitable to happen without putting in his 2 cents.  This morning as I was going from room to room with last minute preparations, he followed my every step.  Finally, as a last ditch effort he did this . . .
"I don't remember you asking permission to leave!"

As I was leaving for the airport I saw him sitting in the kitchen window looking so disgusted.

The weather was beautiful in Chicago, sunny and in the 60's, as I set off driving west toward Iowa.  Now if you can remember your US map studies from the 5th grade you may be asking . . . why didn't she fly to Iowa first instead of backtracking so far?  It's because after I made the plane reservations I changed my mind about my itinerary. 

Sadie, the nice lady (my GPS system) got me as far as a few miles from Waterloo, Iowa and then had a nervous break down.  (maybe she is a descendant of Napoleon and getting so close to a city named Waterloo knocked her for a loop) She warned me several times of heavy congestion ahead -- that wasn't there -- and then she left me.  No cell service north of I-20.  The last thing I heard her say before she abandoned me to my own natural sense of direction was that I needed to go north.

Unfortunately, that 'sense of direction' gene fell off of the chromosome before I was born.  I wandered around Cedar Falls for about 5 minutes before I saw a small white sign pointing north.  After driving another 10 minutes I saw another sign confirming that I was on the right road.  I totally amazed myself.

So now I'm happily in Charles City, Iowa in a nice Super 8 Motel.  My great grandparents, Chauncey and Mary, farmed and raised their family here.  Tomorrow I'll see what else I can learn about them.

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This is going to be so much fun!