Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 5 Monday

I went exploring in the Historical Society drawers and the county courthouse this morning.  I had it confirmed that my g grandfather was indeed there.  He and his brother came together.  Each bought land from people and then traded it back and forth to each other during 1856 and 1858.  I wished that I could afford the time to track each transaction to see if there was a pattern or logic to their horse trading. 

By noon I had finished my searching so I traveled east on two lanes highways most of the way for 300 miles.  I stopped each time I saw another interesting barn quilt in Iowa to take a picture.  I didn't see any more after I crossed the Mississippi River.

The Bed and Breakfast that I stayed at is called "The Dairy Barn".  Their website photos are good but staying there is better.

 This is Alphie. He is a sweet boy who is tormented by a cat who picks on him and then runs up the stairs.

Probably will be driving all day tomorrow with not much chance to take pictures.


Janie said...

Looks like a really neat B&B to stay at! Still following you right along. and enjoying all of your posts.
Take care....Janie

Sherrie A. said...

Dear Friend, I am also following you...OMGoodness, I can't believe you are taking this trip. You must be feeling in heaven with all these historic views etc...everything! I am enjoying your sharing of your trip! What amazing fun for you! Hugs, Sherrie

Anonymous said...

I also know a dog tormented by a cat... ;)
You take great pictures! Thanks for sharing!!