Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 3 - Saturday -- Now with photos

I moved south to a little town named Nashua.  That name reminds me how Holly got transferred to Nashua because she was having an affair with Michael. (The Office)  Of course, that was a different Nashua.

I wandered up and down the streets and photographed the wonderful scroll work on the gables of the homes.

Cute sculpture
A roofer's nightmare

I kept seeing quilt block artwork on barns.  I was told that there are a great many quilters in Iowa. They started a project of seeing how many blocks they could display on barns, sheds or even some homes have them.

There was only one motel in the town.  When I went to register I was met by a sign saying that the motel was closed until 4:00.

So I went to a museum next door instead.

But they don't open until May 1st.  However, I walked around the sign that said "STOP" and photographed all the old buildings behind the museum.

This has seen a lot of dirty clothes

Then I stopped by the banks of the Cedar River.  It was so calm, sunny and warm.
Does this bridge look safe?

Before I left a nice couple told me of a B&B eight miles down the road -- so I hunted it down and fortunately they had a vacant room.  I'll be staying here for two days while I do some research in Newhampton at the County Courthouse (on Court Street, of course).

I found two quilt supplies shops in Newhampton and bought fabric at each.  Thought it would be a fun project to buy fabric along the way and make a memory quilt later.

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