Monday, April 23, 2012

Home Suite Home

This has been a lovely suite here at the Hampton Inn but it's not home.  I don't know if it's because I know my adventure is almost over or if I'm tired of being on the road but I'm looking forward to be heading west for the next 2,000 miles.

I missed my kitty sleeping on top of me at night.
I missed our memory foam mattress.
I missed talking to the Cottage Master.
I missed his blue eyes and how good he smells.
I didn't miss how he teases me and thinks it's funny.

I've had terrific weather nearly every day.  I see from the newspaper that Olympia hit 76* the other day.  Sorry I missed that.

I'll be going to the Chicago Union Station tomorrow about noonish and the Amtrak train should be leaving at 2:00.  I've reserved a sleeper room (roomette) and meals are included in the price.  Want to see where I'll be for 48 hours?  Click here and Go to the bottom of this page.

No private toilet  ---  Worse, no television
I have books, magazines and puzzles to keep me occupied if the scenery gets boring.

I don't know if the Internet will work on the train.  This may be my last communication to you before I get home.

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