Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday in Windsor CT

I arrived at my final destination (well, for this trip that is) this morning.
I met two helpful women who made me feel right at home.  I was shown books and files that had data of my ancestor who crossed the Atlantic in 1630 and was in the group who established the first Connecticut town in 1633.

Just look at all the goodies I got.

Behind the the Historical Society building was this house. Of course, just like everywhere I've gone on this trip, it doesn't open for another two weeks so I couldn't see inside.

Across the street stands the monument to the people who first came to this place.
And here is his name, Deac. William Gaylord
Across the street on the other side is the old cemetery.

I was given a map of where 9 times grandfather and grandmother are laid. Their stones are no longer readable.  But I stood nearby and expressed my gratefulness to them for braving the sea and dangers in the new country so I could be born here and enjoy all of the freedoms we experience today.

Then I drove into the newer section of town and had lunch here at the Whistle Stop Cafe where I was given the best chicken wrap sandwich I've ever had.

I've seen lots of old train museums and memorabilia ever since I crossed into Pennsylvania.  Mostly tracks that lead to nowhere with empty cars now being used for teaching the coming generations.  Imagine my surprise at having a real train rush past as I was eating my sandwich. 

The server was wearing a T-shirt that had a sketch of a train engine and below that it said "wrecked".  I inquired the meaning and was told "It's to lower the expectations of the clientele".  I gave him a hardy tip for giving me a hardy laugh.

On my way out of town I spotted this interesting fence.

Will get a good night's sleep tonight in the same Ramada room as last night and head west on I-80 tomorrow for the 16 hour drive back to Chicago.

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Janie said...

WOW, what an interesting trip you have had!!! Feel like I ahve been traveling right along with you.
Take care and be safe!