Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Holy Flying Firewood, Batman!

While we are on the subject of windows (carrying over from yesterday's post) I'd like to tell a tale of another window.

A relative, who will remain unnamed out of respect (and because he is a lot younger, taller and stronger than I am), was given the opportunity to score some free firewood. A trade was agreed upon with the owner of a yard full of downed poplar trees; for nothing more than lots of hard work, time and sweat all this good firewood could be had for no exchange of hard earned cash. The owner only wanted a clean yard.

Truck load after truck load, day after day, the young man worked removing the trees and carting them home with the promise of warming him and his family this winter.

Until the fateful moment when a piece of flying firewood did this:

This split second in time altered what was “free” to the status of a “great bargain”. Firewood sells for a minimum of $180 per cord; the window cost $249 to replace. Still a really good deal.



Anonymous said...

Did you know that windows are often cocered with just the liability insurance? It's worth a try.
Mrs. L.

Anonymous said...

That's "covered" - oops!