Friday, July 11, 2008

Rock on . . .

My sweet daughter and I have different tastes in home décor. I am drawn to the vintage cottage look and she is drawn to the more colorful funky pieces. Like this . . .

It’s nice to go thrift shopping with her since we aren’t competing for the same items. Liz, at Mabel’s House, tells about what it’s like to shop with her sister when they both like the same item. Not always a pretty sight read here

But daughter and I both have an appreciation for the hand-made natural “organic” art. One day I spied a lovely hand-painted rock just inside her front door and I had a hard time not feeling jealous. I restrained myself from asking her to get one for me because I didn’t want her to feel that she can never have anything that her mother doesn’t have to have one too. When she added a smaller hand-painted rock from the same artist to her coffee table collection I grew even more envious but managed to maintain my dignity and my mouth shut except for praising its beauty.

One evening my daughter placed a box heavily into my lap I was both surprised and intrigued as to what she was giving me. I didn’t guess or even imagine what the box contained. I was so delighted when I saw it; I just kept hugging it and exclaiming, a rock of my very own. I was so happy with it that I wanted to sleep with it that night -- like a child with a new toy.

It has a perfect home here in the corner of the garden room and it makes me smile whenever I walk pass it.

If you would like a rock of your own you can go to eBay and search for Art by Vivian Allen.


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Liz said...

What a precious daughter! That's the upside to being surrounded by people who understand what we love. Gift time is always special!

I love that rock.