Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My arachnophobia is not as profound now as it was when I was a child. Those multiple legs that can turn on a dime making the critter so unpredictable was more than I could bear and I would scream until someone would come to rescue me.

One day I was watching my grandfather paint their house when a Daddy Long Legs crawled out from under the siding and Granddad just painted over it without flinching. He was my hero.

Today I tolerate spiders when they are in their natural habitat, outside. However, when one wanders into MY natural habitat, my home, that is another story. I no longer scream until someone comes but I often will loudly alert the Cottage Master that he is needed for spider patrol.

This morning I was in the house alone. A spider and I had the misfortune of coming eye to eye. I was at a disadvantage since I had just emerged from my shower. I couldn’t just let the thing run around on MY floor but I couldn’t run through the house in my natural state to get the spider spray, besides he might be gone by the time I got back. Stepping on it was out of the question, and I had nothing near by to squish it with. I grabbed what was the only tool at my disposal and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed.

Finally the thing stopped moving. I suspect that I didn’t actually kill it with the spray but merely glued its legs together so it couldn’t move any more. Either way it no longer was running around my floor unpredictably.



Kim said...

The picture of the spider makes me wonder "what were they thinking?"
Does the fact that using hair spray to kill a spider make you wonder what your putting on your hair? I sprayed windex on bugs we had here called stink bugs, when you smashed them they stunk. It worked, then I flushed them down the toilet.

ellemenope said...

Oh my - when I'm alone ALL unwelcome bugs meet their end with a healthy bit of Lysol. I can't remember the last time Lysol was used for another purpose! :)