Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Won't You Please Love Me?

When the Cottage Master and I were looking for a house to buy two years ago we spied this one. At the time the yard was very over-grown and the house was vacant but other than that it still looks pretty much the same as it did two years ago. We both could appreciate the potential beauty of the house but two reasons kept us from pursuing it -- 1) we didn't have enough time to tackle that much work, 2) it wasn't for sale!
The fact that the first story windows are so low to the ground fascinate me and make me wonder what the rooms look like.
A little moss on the roof . . .
But it has a brand new front door!
And it looks like the windows are clean.
It just needs someone with $100,000 or so to love it.


Pete said...

What area of town is that cute little house? Is it actually little? Sometimes old houses like that actually have a lot of great spaces inside. Any idea of the square footage? I remember finding some cute farmhouses like that for rent when we lived in Clark county. It's a shame we didn't land in one of them. :)

Mrs.RGS said...

The house is just north of the center of town. I think it probably does have lots of square footage. An old farm house equals lots of work -- there are lots of them out there.

Liz said...

Doesnt this just kill you? I've got an old house I watch like this... it deserves some love.