Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Horses and cows

Lately I've been spending my leisure time reading archived posts on The Pioneer Woman blog. After all of the photos of cowboys in chaps on horses herding cattle in all kinds of weather -- well, I just needed a break, so I went here.

When I was done I needed a little more relief so I went here . . .

Horse Jump Game

And then I got to thinking about my son-in-law's favorite horse . . .

A beautiful soul and spirit.

He didn't mind when we put a flower in his mane.

And he LOVES tummy scritches.



Kim said...

I love the cat herder video. I found a cat trying to get into our porch the night before last and had to shoo it away. I am allergic to cats and don't want this one to make it's home in my home.
I played the horse jumping game and all I can say is boy does my head hurt (from falling off the horse.)

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

We used to have horses and I sure miss them. What wonderful, cuddly creatures.