Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wok this way

Our dear son-in-law has been working out of the country for the past 4 months. This weekend they drove almost two hours to visit with us.

Well, that’s what we want to think. Actually, he was craving his favorite food from a restaurant that is just few minutes north of us.

There are lots of reasons to like this place.
You pick out only the ingredients that you want to eat
You flavor your food with only the flavors you want to eat
You watch it being cooked
You enjoy your meal

This is the only restaurant like this between Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Others are similar but not quite the same.

We also had a wonderful visit with them. Dear son-in-law always has interesting stories to tell about what it is like to work within the confines of a government system based on the military form of government.

I’m grateful that I live in the USA and have the many freedoms that our founding fathers were so passionate about establishing that they and countless others over the years have been willing to endanger their lives defend those freedoms.
Democracy may be a lousy system of government but it’s the best one in the world. Listening to his experiences convinces me of that truth.


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