Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Walkabout Wednesday -- Windows

Growing up there was a window in the dining room that had colored glass squares. Dad divided the dining room into two bedrooms soon after we moved there because our family needed them more than we did a dining room. That is where my love for unique windows began -- staring up at the many colors as the sun streamed through that glass.

Here are some windows in my neighbor that I enjoy today.

This house is a pretty dusty plum color that set these windows off perfectly.

This window isn't especially unique but the star caught my eye. Liz at Mable's House just did a project with a lovely large star -- this one is for her.

This window is in a door but it still counts.

Unfortunately, the sun never shines on this porch so it is difficult to ever get a good photo of how pretty it is.

These windows are on the front of a very stately historical home. I think they just shout, "I'm important!"

While certainly not "stately" this next window caught my eye because it is part of a second story apartment. Apparently the renter is a tomato lover. I'll swing by in a few weeks to see if the renter has had any luck raising any fruit from that height.

Smilin' Mrs.RGS

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Kim said...

I love the plum windows and the "I'm important" windows the most. But I love all the uniqueness in all the windows. I grew up in an area (northern Virginia) where ALL the windows were the same- same builder and same supplier. So I love being in a community that rejoices in a variety of homes.
I look forward to seeing more of "your" windows.