Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sweet Hayli

Our dear niece has given her permission to post these photos of their sweet daughter. When I saw this photo I thought how wonderful it would be to be that flexible. After discussing it with my friend, KP, we humiliated ourselves by attempting to put our foot up to our mouth. We both got within 3 to 4 inches. Not bad for these old arthritic prone joints.

Here she is one month later. Doesn’t her mom take great pictures of their little angel?



ellemenope said...

You can't tease the image of you guys contorting without pictures of it too!!! ;)

Kim said...

She is so beautiful! I can never get enough of looking at baby pictures.
Did you snap any pictures of you in the same pose? We would dearly love to see it.
Happy July 4th.

Mrs.RGS said...

NO, NO, and NO. KP and I may be silly enough to try such a move but we ain't stupid enough to be photographed doing it.

Evie said...

I love these picures of Hayli... I can never take enough pictures of her. I hope you enjoy them!