Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wild Life

We live in an area where the homes were built between 1920 and 1940. Behind the homes across the street from us there is an extensive “water shed” type natural area of several acres. It’s not unusual for the animals that live in the park to wander across the road to munch on the vegetation.

We have a small pond in our yard that supplies drinking water for the birds, squirrels, raccoons and the neighbor’s cats. We’ve especially enjoyed the raccoons when they bring their babies to the watering hole. Our next door neighbor did not share our feelings and have recently diminished the population dramatically by setting out live traps.

But, before she did that I managed to take some pictures of the families while they were enjoying the water. The clicking sound of my camera would send them scurrying off as soon as I took my first picture. This is the only session I was able to get.

One afternoon I noticed this deer in my neighbor’s front yard. It, too, was bothered by the clicking noise but did not turn and run right away. It was about 60 feet away and I was able to snap several good shots.
Then, I turned to leave and discovered another deer standing ten feet away that had been watching me the whole time while I was taking the other one’s picture. Yikes!



Kim said...

Like you we have a lot of wild life (Roger the Rabbit). We have lots of deer that love to just graze at our apple trees with their babies.
We also had a fox last year that lived in the woods across the street, but he was afarid to cross the road. Our busy street only has two houses on it so I found this quite funny.
I love the pictures of the racoons.

Liz said...

What a fabulous place to live! Beautiful pics, so cute.