Monday, July 7, 2008

Table Talk

I’m a sucker for cute little tables. A set of lamp tables were the very first thing I bought after we moved into our first home. They were 30 years old and in like-new condition. This was before purchasing vintage furniture was the rage. We still have them and I still love them.

Over the years of going to garage sales, yard sales and used furniture shops I’ve picked up many, many more small tables and eventually have had to give many of them up because there is a limit to just how many small tables any 2,000 square foot house can use.

While at an estate sale two weekends ago I got the urge to pick up this little table and since I haven’t bought a table in at least six months I decided to give into the impulse. When hubby saw it he asked if we needed it and where would it go? I just smiled and walked on by. I just didn’t have an answer for him right then that made sense to even me.

After it was in the house for a few hours I just had to get out my paint box and “improve” it. Using the embossed pattern that was stamped on the front edge I followed the lines with paint. Then, one of those wild hairs took root, and I glued a jewel to the center. The next day when the paint and glue were dry I went over the front with some brown stencil paint wiping off most of it to produce the aged look I was after.

The crocheted piece that I placed on the top of the little table was used for many years on top of the old upright piano in the house where we (sibs and I) were raised.

Topping that is a tray that holds a special place in my heart because of where I purchased it.

On the bottom shelf there is a handkerchief that was purchased from an estate sale and two old canning jars that I scored from a yard sale just last week.

It sits just inside the front door now (althought this picture was taken outside because the light was better).

But here is the surprise. Without me saying a single word, hubby astonished me by depositing his wallet and keys onto the tray the first time he came through the front door -- as if he had been doing it for years. It must have just seemed like a natural action. See – we really did need that table.


Susan said...

I found you thru Mabel's House and I think that we might have been identical twins that were separated at birth!!

I have been warned by several blood-related and non-blood-related people in my life...that I DON'T need any more tables in my little 1899 farmhouse. I, at this typing, have, let's just say, an abundance already..some of which are in conditions that are still kind of "rough".

never enough

Mrs.RGS said...

Oh Susan, a kindered spirit. What is it about these charming four-legged horizontal pieces that endears themselves to us? I like your attitude -- never enough.